5 Questions With > Jonathan Gray

Earlier this year I did an interview with Professor Henry Jenkins, a professor of communication and media studies who also had a lot to say about toys and their relationship to transmedia. In that interview he mentioned Jonathan Gray, another media studies professor who is even more interested in toys and the points at which […]

SDCC Exclusive Reviews Roundup

Some early reviews of SDCC exclusive toys are starting to pop up. Here are the ones I’ve come across: Wonder Twins & Gleek at Fwoosh Destro Set at Hisstank 12″ Baroness¬† (Kastor’s Korner) (Articulated Discussion) (Hisstank) 12″ Baroness, 3 3/4″ Movie Destro 2-Pack, Marvel Universe Invaders 4-Pack, My Little Pony, Optimus Prime Mighty Mugg, Soundwave, […]

5 Good (and 5 Not-So-Good) ’80s Toy-Based Feature Films

With the imminent release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and the announcement that Tom Hanks may star in a Major Matt Mason movie, big-budget films based on toy lines are big business. The last (and first) time this happened was in the 1980s, when there was a slew […]

My Little Urban Vinyl

Now here’s a clever idea: take the creativity of the urban vinyl movement and merge it with classic properties like My Little Pony. I realize that’s not quite what’s going on here, but if Hasbro’s smart, they’ll start hiring artists to design collector-oriented MLPs. The generic form of the ponies is perfect for it. There’s […]