Show and Tell > Jack Burton (by Jon)

By Jon of Doubledumbassonyou

As a small child I watched three movies on a constant loop: Transformers: The Movie, Flash Gordon, & Big Trouble in Little China. They were my trifecta of ’80s cinematic awesomeness. While my friends wanted to be Indiana Jones, all I wanted in my young life was to be a truck driver that fought ancient Chinese sorcerers on his weekends off. I was just about the only kid in first grade rattling off Jack Burton-isms, much to the chagrin of my teachers. To this day it remains among my favorite films, and I throw it in the DVD player at least once a week.

Flash-forward to the fall of 2002, when I walked into my local Suncoast Video and imagine my surprise when I see Jack Burton staring back at me from the action figure section. Purchasing without hesitation, I rushed home to spool up my 56k modem to find out more about this line of action figures from the greatest John Carpenter film ever. Continue reading “Show and Tell > Jack Burton (by Jon)”