Odds ‘n Ends > OMFG!, Mattycollector Black Friday sale, NECA news

  • I donated to¬†October Toys’ OMFG! (Outland Mini Figure Guys) Kickstarter project, and these little guys–inspired by vintage lines such as M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster in My Pocket–will soon be here. In addition to the pink sets that contributors to the original project get, OT is offering a number of exclusive colorways via other retailers. LittleRubberGuys.com has a pre-order for the above green set ($21 incl. shipping), while Rotofugi.com has a blue set that will be available in person at their Chicago store. UofMuscle.com will have an exclusive bright yellow set (not sure why they’re showing the standard pink set right now), and finally, the good folks at Onell Design will have a “Pheyden Blue” version available at their store this Friday, November 25 at 9pm ET.
  • Getting closer to the second blog I’ve long been discussing. There’s a very outside chance it may be ready for PGPoA’s four-year anniversary on December 1.
  • Mattel is evidently planning a huge Black Friday sale, set to start at 12am PT on Friday. Everything will be 10% off, which is cool, but not as cool as those $8 Ghostbusters they had a few weeks back.
  • NECA posted some pics of their upcoming Rocky figures and wow, are these articulated (for NECA, anyway). Why can’t we get this type of articulation on the Terminator figures?
  • Speaking of NECA, they also have a cool TRU 2-pack of the Predator 2 Pred and some Berserker Predator variant I don’t care about. I’ll be getting it for the masked Predator. It still kills me we haven’t gotten a NECA Dutch.