Review > Granthan Division Rig, Mk II (Glyos)

[toc title=”Table of Contents” class=”toc-left”] When I first interviewed Matt Doughty of Onell Design, he was hard at work sculpting the Rig (you can even see it under the lamp light in this pic). While I was there, we discussed vintage toys we’d enjoyed, and I mentioned having owned the Macross 4 Part II set of […]

Onell Designs’ Rig goes back on sale tonight

Just a heads-up, Onell Designs’ awesome Rig goes back on sale tonight at 9pm ET (this is the Mk II version, with blue highlights instead of green). I’ve got the first release, and it’s a great toy. I may just get this one too. The first one was $25, so I imagine this one will […]

Onell reveals Rig

Over on the Glyos Transmission Blog, Matt Doughty of Onell has unveiled the new Rig toy (which he was working on when I interviewed him a few months ago).