Odds ‘n Ends > Toy Fair Items of Interest & More

A few other things that caught my eye at Toy Fair: Mezco’s stylized Universal Monsters figures. OAFE reviewer and occasional PGPoA contributor Rustin Parr could not possible be more excited for these–he’s planning to get two of each. I’m in for the Gillman, of course, as he’s my favorite UM. They’re due out around September […]

Odds ‘n Ends > TMNT & More

In addition to the pics from yesterday’s MTV Geek exclusive about the TMNT Classic Collection, you should also check out this video interview with a Playmates brand manager (I’m assuming). It’s got some nice shots of the figures, and the manager spells out that these are definitely based on the 1980s cartoon, that they’re intended […]

New “TMNT Classics” Figures from Playmates

Everything old is new again. Following in the footsteps of Mattel’s MOTUC and Bandai’s Thundercats Classics, Playmates brings us the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection. They’re basically super-articulated versions of the 1980s cartoon Turtles. They look VERY MOTUC-style. And yes, I’m on board for this line–unlike Thundercats, I actually collected TMNT (…a lot). No […]

World of Quahog?

As everyone else has already reported, Playmates Toys has picked up the Family Guy license. It looks like Playmates is trying to bottle lightning a second time, as the line appears to be designed almost identically to their late 1990s/early 2000s World of Springfield Simpsons line, right down to the talking playsets.