5 Questions With > Jonathan Gray

Earlier this year I did an interview with Professor Henry Jenkins, a professor of communication and media studies who also had a lot to say about toys and their relationship to transmedia. In that interview he mentioned Jonathan Gray, another media studies professor who is even more interested in toys and the points at which […]

Review > Playmobil Santa Claus & Elf Set (5846)

While shopping at Target the other day, I came across this little Playmobil set as part of what seemed to be a general stocking-stuffer section. There were a few other toys too, ranging from Transformers figurines to the usual Hot Wheels cars and so forth. Since I remember back when pretty much any toy you […]

5 Questions With > Rustin Parr

Today we have an interview with a good friend of mine, Rustin Parr of OAFE. Rustin and I first met through OAFE in the early 1990s, and despite living on separate coasts, we’ve met in person many times since then. An passionate if idiosyncratic movie buff, Haunted Mansion enthusiast, and King Leonidas look-alike (well, maybe […]

Playmobil Security Checkpoint

If you’ve got a few hours to spare, you might enjoy reading the Amazon customer reviews of the Playmobil Security Checkpoint. The amount of time spent on these is staggering. There’s a ton of them, but here’s one of my favorites: My family was planning a vacation to Europe, so I purchased this item to […]