It Came From the Attic > Cable PVC figurine



Despite being old enough to own my own house, I still have a ton of junk in my parents’ attic. I’m slowly moving all of that stuff to my home. Occasionally I come across something fun, weird or amusing from my past. It Came From the Attic is a series of posts about these odds and ends.

I should probably be more ashamed to admit I was totally in to Rob Liefeld and Cable in the early 1990s. We all were – it was one of those collective psychoses that happen from time to time, like the swing revival of the late ’90s or accepting Paul Hogan as a movie star. I loved Cable. Loved him. I owned a copy of New Mutants #87. I bought an extra polybagged copy of X-Force #1. I had some sort of black-and-white art portfolio of Rob Liefeld‘s art. ROB. LIEFELD’S. ART. Continue reading “It Came From the Attic > Cable PVC figurine”