Happy Faceless One Day!

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for the Faceless One? For Battleground Teela? I’m a 4 on FO, 9 on BG Teela. That said, my excitement for BG Teela is less about the figure itself and more about the fact that she’s a figure from the 3-issue DC miniseries, my favorite piece of MOTU fiction.

Faceless One, though…for some reason I just can’t excited about him. Maybe that’ll change when I have him in hand.

This month we’ve also got:

  • Slime Blower Winston – pretty tempted by this, actually, but it’ll be a last-minute decision.
  • Retro Action John Stewart – afro included!
  • Reissues of Grizzlor and Whiplash

On another note, let me tell you yet another Tale of Mattycollector Woe™. The credit card I’ve used for the site for years was about to expire, so when I got the new one I logged on to the Mattycollector website and carefully updated my payment information. That’s all–no change to my shipping or billing address, not even a new card number. Just a change of expiration date.

So then I get my renewal email…which referred to me by my mother’s name, and told me it was using my parents’ house as my billing address. Continue reading “Happy Faceless One Day!”

Toy Fair 2011 > DC Universe


(DC Universe Gallery)

Mattel had plenty of DC Universe stuff on display at the collector’s event last Sunday, from DC Universe Classics to Batman: Legacy, to Young Justice and Action League, to Green Lantern and Retro Action DC Super Heroes. Continue reading “Toy Fair 2011 > DC Universe”