Growing buzz about a Sectaurs comeback

(Apologies for the title–couldn’t help myself.)

This could be old news. After reading a post that hinted that Sectaurs may be making a comeback, I decided to do a quick trademark check and lo and behold, Hasbro filed for the Sectaurs trademark in September. (Hard to keep big reveals like this a secret in this day and age.)

The trademark covers everything from toys and video games to cartoons and comics. Could they be looking to bring back Sectaurs as they are Micronauts? Could Hasbro finally be planning a toy line I’ll want to collect? If they are, I suspect SDCC will be the place to announce it. Keep your fingers crossed, obscure ’80s vintage toy line fans!

(On a related note, has anything actually happened with that Micronauts revamp yet? Or are they just trying to make a movie out of it?)

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