NECA & Sideshow get Pacific Rim

(Thanks to TNI for the heads-up.) I don’t think I’ve been as excited for a movie since The Dark Knight as I am for Pacific Rim. One of my favorite directors doing a movie about giant monsters fighting giant robots? I’ll admit that I worry a bit about this film suffering from audience¬†fatigue with movies […]

Sponsor News > DCAS, ThunderCats, Robocop at BBTS

Just a few interesting items from BBTS’s latest newsletter. First up is their preorder for wave one of DC Universe All-Stars. This is a really odd line-up, isn’t it? Due out in May 2012. Next is this incredible badass 14″ Mumm-Ra from Mezco, a companion piece to their 14″ Lion-O. It’s up for preorder for […]

Pic of the Day

more scale by lamont_cranston I’d like some captions on this one, folks. Here’s mine: “Pardon me, sir, but have you accepted Num-Yabisc into your life?” –PG