Poe’s Point > The Appeal of the 6″ Scale


The advent of the Star Wars Black 6″ Series got me thinking about how I prefer the 6″ scale for (human) action figures. It’s a strong preference, and yet, the more I thought about it, the more I wasn’t sure how my preference came about.

It’s interesting, because there wasn’t really such thing as a standard 6″ scale for action figures until maybe the late 1990s. The first toy line that I can remember being at (or close to) six inches was McFarlane Toys’ Spawn; I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that they were, yet again, a trendsetter in that regard. But it wasn’t until Toy Biz began using the scale for their Marvel superhero figures – and then Mattel followed suit with DC Super Heroes and later DC Universe Classics – that the idea of the 6″ action figure became commonplace.

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