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I am not an animal

Snout Spout was one of the later, and weirder, entries in the Masters of the Universe line. His vintage figure appeared in 1986, a couple of years year after the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon had ended and just a year before the entire Eternian toy universe would over (until New Adventures, at least). He did make three appearances on the She-Ra cartoon,* but he didn’t do much and was even called by his prototype name, “Hose Nose,” in the first episode.

According to The Power and the Honor Foundation Volume 1, Snout Spout was conceived by Roger Sweet very early on in the line. Ted Mayer drew two illustrations in summer 1984, and those early designs would ultimately be used for the character in his minicomic, “Eye of the Storm,” despite the changes made to the figure itself. Continue reading “Reviews > Snout Spout (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)”