Review > R2D2 (Star Wars Black, Hasbro)

The vintage R2D2 I had was the one with the pop-up “sensorscope.” As much as I loved that little toy, it always bugged me he didn’t have the third leg and the feet couldn’t be moved to put him into his proper rolling posture. It would be nearly twenty years before Hasbro finally made an Artoo with both the extra leg and articulated feet. Now, with Star Wars Black, Hasbro is attempting to give us the definitive R2D2 figure. Did they do it?

Review > Sandtrooper (Star Wars Black 6″, Hasbro)

I’ve been impressed with the sculpting on the Star Wars Black 6″ (SWB6″) line, and the Sandtrooper has possibly the best sculpt in the first wave. All the details on the armor are there. It’s not a complicated sculpt – stormtroopers are mostly clean, straight lines – but there are some nice touches, like the way the clasp on the pauldron creates folds in the orange material.