What I’m Watching for at Toy Fair 2013

So Toy Fair starts today – well, officially it starts tomorrow, but there are two major events today: the Hasbro event, which is going on as I write this, and the Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse party tonight, which will unveil their Glyos-based Power Lords toys. Anyway, I thought I’d run through a breakdown of the toy lines […]

Legos in a Half-Shell

TURTLE POWER!! Sorry, I have to finish that every time I hear it. It’s like Roger Rabbit and “shave and a hair cut.” That sound you hear is Rustin Parr‘s wallet screaming in terror. More pics here.

The Pigskin Passin’ Football Fighter!

Brian of CoolandCollected.com recruited me and a number of other geek/toy bloggers to the Madball Fantasy Football League.  Who will win The Golden Leo? Brian will be posting regular updates on his site, so you can see how well or terrible I’m doing. To make it easier for everyone to know who they’re playing we […]