It Came from the Attic > Autolycus (Xena, Toy Biz)

Despite being old enough to own my own house, I still have a ton of junk in my parents’ attic. I’m slowly moving all of that stuff to my home. Occasionally I come across something fun, weird or amusing from my past. It Came From the Attic is a series of posts about these odds and ends. […]

Review > Gandalf the White (Return of the King, ToyBiz)

Gandalf is my favorite literary character. Oh, there are other ones I’m very fond of–Ebeneezer Scrooge, Randolph Carter, Dick Diver, the Continental Op. But when it comes down to who I’d like to share a beer (or in his case, a glass of red wine) with, Gandalf’s my man. In fact, without Gandalf I might […]

Pic of the Day

Ni by Nickwheeleroz Poe’s note: I’ve been thinking about the ToyBiz Lord of the Rings line a lot lately…this was an incredible line. Marvel Legends-style articulation on near-McFarlane level sculpting and paint apps, incredibly character variety, all in scale with one another, PLUS NECA made the full-scale Balrog…this is Shambhala, people.