Paul’s Peg > Action Figure Arcade Fun

How would you like to be slapped in the face with awesome? Well how’s this 3 3/4ths action figure scale arcade cabinet that was posted on Hisstank:

By Crom, that is an amazing replica of the classic Star Wars arcade cabinet. It was created by a crafty customizer who also got a Mortal Kombat II cabinet if Star Wars doesn’t do it for you:

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Paul’s Peg > Toy Hunt: DC and Marvel Finds


I have a terrible time finding anything I want at retail. I’m not sure if it’s my luck or what, but if there’s a toy I want I’m most likely going to have to work very hard at trying to get it. This last weekend was a bit strange, in the fact that I managed to find a bunch of stuff I wanted. I’m not here to brag about finding toys that everyone else has, but to drop some of my thoughts on my plunder. Now, let’s do this!

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