Somebody made a shot-for-shot live action version of Toy Story

This is what Topless Robot would call an Impressive Act of Nerdery. It’s the entire movie, folks. Yes, one could make negative comments about why anyone would do this and whether it’s a waste of time, but it looks to me like way too much fun was had here to care about that. I admire the commitment and the DIY cleverness.

Thanks to PrfktTear for the tip!

Odds ‘n Ends > Rambo, Edgy(?) Buzz Lightyear, Ram Man Delayed,



932 Atlas-BTS-12-23-2012

NECA is making both a Rambo figure from the first film and an Atlas figure from Portal 2.

It’s very cool we’re getting a figure from the first film, but as anyone who’s seen that movie knows, it’s as much a study in PTSD as an action film. I think everyone’s expecting/hoping for a figure of Rambo from the more-fun-if-far-more-jingoistic Rambo II – which, personally, I will use to make a custom of Weird Al as he appeared in the Rambo dream sequence in UHF. Continue reading “Odds ‘n Ends > Rambo, Edgy(?) Buzz Lightyear, Ram Man Delayed,”

Ask Mattel > Answers for June 1, 2011

1.) Zach asks: I’ve noticed a disheartening increase in the amount of Collect-N-Connect figure pieces stolen from the packages of DC Universe Classics figures. While their placement in the package (at the bottom, behind the name card) looks great, it makes it easier for thieves to steal them unnoticed. Would you consider laying out the packaging differently, with the C’n’C piece more prominently displayed, to hopefully help prevent theft?

In-store theft is something Mattel has very little control over. We actually did a lot of testing and fans greatly preferred the pieces packed below as to not have a “floating limb” near their figure for those who wanted to keep figures in package. While this is good feedback, we don’t have plans to reposition the C&C pieces at this time.

2.) Nicholai asks: Why the decision to go with a Batman Legacy sub-line when the Green Lantern sub-line did not pass two waves? Was GLC not meant to go on longer? Continue reading “Ask Mattel > Answers for June 1, 2011”