Odds ‘n Ends > A New Beginning

ODD: Well, it seems most of you want the next installment of “It Figures” to feature DCUC Wave 3. Which means a lot of writing for me. I had my fingers crossed for the Mousers exclusive….all right, DCUC3 it is. I’d better start writing now. END: After weeks of seeing nothing but Movie Master Batman […]

5 Questions With: Kate Napolitano

Codename: Kate Napolitano Specialty: Managing Editor Base of Operations: ToyFare magazine Motto: “What’s it going to be then, eh?” History: There was she, that is Kate, and her three hobbies: books, sex, and superheroes. For a long time, she believed she was going to marry the first two and try to become the next Dr. […]

ToyFare’s DC Universe Classics fan poll

MATTEL’S DC UNIVERSE CLASSIC FAN POLL (click the link to vote) Mattel has asked ToyFare to run a poll allowing fans to vote for which characters they’d like to see in a future wave of DCUC. The choices are: Starman (Jack Knight) Huntress Vixen Catman Ragman The Question I won’t tell you who I voted […]

Odds ‘n Ends > Zur-En-Arrh Edition

ODD: In what is only the latest of what can only be termed an episodic farce, Red Kryptonite’s laptop was stolen last week. This is the third time this has happened to her, I believe. While insurance will cover the replacement, it will be some time before The Toybox can resume its regular schedule. I […]

Robo Course

While obviously I encourage you to go out and buy the a copy of ToyFare #132, you can now read my retrospective on the 1980s Robo Force toy line on TF’s website as well. Get ‘Er, Robo! Robo Force may have suction cups for behinds, but these robot toys never, ever sucked Hello, Robo! Adios, […]

5 Questions With: TJ Dietsch

Codename: TJ Dietsch Specialty: Associate Editor Base of Operations: ToyFare magazine History: He comes from the mean streets of Toledo, Ohio where he learned to survive by reading comics, watching hours of TV and playing with toys. He’s somehow, to the amazement of just about everyone but his mom, turned all that into a living–go […]

ToyFare #132

Let’s see what we’ve got in this month’s issue of ToyFare! Keep in mind, this isn’t intended to be a comprehensive breakdown of every single page of the issue–just a few of the highlights that particularly interested me. Page 4 – Inside the Monkeyhouse: Gotta love Zach’s old-school Toy Biz Batman outfit. There’s the requisite […]

On the Menu > 339/1

Way back in late 1997, a new magazine caught the interest of then-teenage Poe, who was in his first few months of college. Called ToyFare and produced by the folks behind Wizard magazine, it was the first periodical I’d come across that was devoted solely to action figures. Having just come off a years-long obsession […]

Flippin’ Through ToyFare #131

Again, all apologies for the scattershot posts this week. Between how busy I’ve been at work and my webhost’s endless problems with a file server on my cluster (causing significant slowdown problems here on PGPoA), it’s been hard to get through an update. But now I’m back and rarin’ to go, the site speed seems […]