Forgotten Lore > Darkwing Duck Series 2

Darkwing Duck was part of the Disney Afternoon,  a great block of syndicated cartoons that ran for most of the 1990s. Pretty much every show on the Disney Afternoon was awesome: DuckTales, Gargoyles, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and so on.

Darkwing Duck was a semi-spinoff of DuckTales–Darkwing himself never appeared on the show, but the premise was inspired by the DuckTales episodes “Double-O-Duck” and “The Masked Mallard.” But enough regurgitating information you can find on Wikipedia–the important thing here is Playmates produced a line of toys based on Darkwing Duck. I owned a Darkwing figure myself, now sadly lost.

The merchandising for the various Disney Afternoon shows was spotty at best (the only show I can remember getting a full, decent toy line is Gargoyles), so it’s not surprising that the Darkwing Duck line only made it to one wave. However, as you can see above, we have some pics of what the second series would have looked like, and it would have been painfully awesome. I would have given my right eye in a Faustian bargain for that Gizmoduck alone.

Forgotten Lore > Ra from Stargodz


Forgotten Lore is a feature focusing on toys that were planned but never produced.

Whenever action figure fans wax tragic about the action figures that never got the chance to see the light of day, you can be sure someone will bring up Ra from Stargodz. Continue reading “Forgotten Lore > Ra from Stargodz”

Forgotten Lore > Ragnar from Rune


“Forgotten Lore” is my Raven-inspired title for a feature in which I examine some unreleased action figure. Pictures are from Raving Toy Maniac.

One of my favorite PC games ever is Rune, a Viking-themed, 3D 3rd-person action game that came out long before 3rd-person action games like God of War were in vogue. In Rune the player takes on the role of Ragnar, a Viking whose village is slaughtered by Conrack, another Viking who serves the evil Loki. Continue reading “Forgotten Lore > Ragnar from Rune”