VM poll results and new poll

Well, Vintage Month is over and it’s time to tally up our poll results. In answer to the question, “Which 1980s property most deserves a revamped toyline?” here’s how you voted: C.O.P.S. ‘N’ Crooks: 39 votes (28%) Bravestarr: 30 votes (22%) Sectaurs: 29 votes (21%) Inhumanoids: 26 votes (19%) Captain Power: 15 votes (11%) While […]

Vintage Month > That’s Just Prime (by PrftktTear)

Throughout its history, Transformers has had many incarnations, but one character is always prominent in them all:  Optimus Prime. From the first time we heard him say “Transform and ROLL OUT!”, generations of kids have been inspired by the Big Bot. Over the years Optimus has taken many forms, from his familiar trailer truck, a […]

Vintage Month > The Pegasus Incident

I’ve often praised my parents for the excellent job they did raising me, and for the lengths to which they were willing to go to humor my geeky interests. My father, for instance, would take rated-R movies like Predator and Aliens and, using two VCRs, make me PG-rated versions of the movies by cutting the […]

My Little Urban Vinyl

Now here’s a clever idea: take the creativity of the urban vinyl movement and merge it with classic properties like My Little Pony. I realize that’s not quite what’s going on here, but if Hasbro’s smart, they’ll start hiring artists to design collector-oriented MLPs. The generic form of the ponies is perfect for it. There’s […]