Happy Great Unrest Weapons Pak Day!

Link to the all-in-one order page For the first time since the Wind Raider, I think, I’m actually going to be attempting to order something off Mattycollector. I’ve been remiss about posting these “Happy…” Mattycollector posts since the subscription became standard and there have been few things people actually had to order, but the Great […]

Illustrating Voltron

Using the coloring technique shown in the “Illustrating Skeletor” guest post by Phil Reed, I spent a couple hours over the weekend turning this: into this: I need more practice, obviously. But it’s pretty fun, and works particularly well with robots like this. Also: this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite action figures ever.

Review > 6″ Blazing Sword Voltron (Voltron, Mattel)

Voltron is an interesting property. It began in Japan as Beast King Golion, an anime that ran from 1981-1982. The show was dark and featured torture, murder, slavery, and genocide in addition to the usual monster-fighting heroics.It wasn’t a ratings beast (pardon the pun) in its native country, and in 1984 the animation from the show […]

Draego-Man, Thunder Punch He-Man, Ghostbusters Rookie, Yellow Lion & More at Mattycollector

It’s yet another Mattycollector Sale Day. (This time last year, the big sale item was Sy-Klone.) All in One Sale Page The new items this month include Draego-Man, Thunder Punch He-Man, the Ghostbusters Rookie, and the Voltron Yellow Lion w/ Hunk. There’s a ton of other stuff too, including Tri-Klops, Orko, Man-E-Faces, Peter Venkman, Hordak, […]

Ask Mattel > Answers for January 17, 2012

1.) Mecha-Shiva asks: The SDCC exclusive Blazing sword Voltron is awesome and greatly underrated, any chance of making a Vehicle Voltron?  There are no plans at this time but keep those requests coming! 2.) Zach asks: When will DCAS characters such as Superman and the Flash have an “‘open handed” sculpt for such poses as flying and […]

Ask Mattel > Answers for September 15

1.) Chrissy asks: Could the next Skeletor variation (Terror Claws, Dragon Blaster, etc.) use Kobra Khans forearms and shins? This would alleviate some of the fatigue of getting another standard Skeletor body with new gear. And it would look great with Demo-Man’s freaky Alfredo Alcala styled Skeletor head. This is something we have discussed with […]