Paul’s Peg > A Look at Hasbro’s New AT-ST (Not a Review)

Out of my Christmas haul my biggest get (at least toy wise) was the new(ish) AT-ST put out by Hasbro. If you don’t remember this bad boy, I geeked out for it a few months ago and never thought I’d actually see it, much yet own it. If you’re on the fence or want to know if you should go out of your way to get one I thought I’d throw together my non-review for you all.

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Ask Mattel Answers for November 1


1.) Hayestronaut asks: With the news of a potential Major Matt Mason film and the development of vintage collector-style lines such as DC’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes, is there any chance of seeing a new Matt Mason collector line?

This is something we are reviewing. Only time will tell!

2.) Tom-Tom asks: Regarding DCUC 10: Mattel has said that Wal-Mart ordered more figures than in wave 5. However, many collectors are still having troubles, claiming it to be worse than wave 5. What is Mattel’s view of the situation?

Sorry, I cannot discuss particulars on retail distribution! That is up to each retailer not Mattel.

3.) PrfktTear asks: How long will Wave 10 be shipping to Wal-Mart?

Until the entire order is shipped.

4.) Dayraven asks: Why are some DCUC figures and accessories made of nice sturdy hard plastic, while others seem to be made of a much softer plastic grade?

Some figures have softer areas to accommodate increased articulation or stylized capes or tunics which need softer plastic.

5.) Barbecue17 asks: You have a policy of not discussing unannounced product, but you also have mentioned that once a figure has been announced there is little to no time for fan input. Is there any point in the life of a figure that fans have the ability to influence some aspect of a figure?

We listen very carefully to fan suggestions when reviewing new candidates for toy lines. If there is a figure you really want, post about it online or talk to us at conventions. Many times the figures with more online chatter wind up being produced sooner in the line.

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