McFarlane Toys scores the Walking Dead

Via MTV Geek (whom I now hate for all his exclusive scoops): The first series of deluxe 6-inch figures is releasing in September 2011, includes four fan-favorite characters from the Image comic book including: THE WALKING DEAD Series 1 Officer Rick Grimes Michonne Zombie Lurker Zombie Roamer The second series of deluxe 6-inch figures is […]

SDCC 2010 Odds ‘n Ends

This was definitely the year for me to go to SDCC. Shoulda tried harder.I’m terribly jealous of everyone’s who’s there. Crowds, stink and all. Anyway, the big Mattel fan panel, which will reveal all the new MOTU & Ghostbusters figures, will be at 4pm ET. I’ll have my thoughts up, hopefully w/ pics, soon after. […]