ThreeA Toys Special World War Robot Portable to benefit Japan – on sale at 9pm

Onsale only at, for $55 usd, shipping is included in that price. Every $ made goes to a Japan quake relief charity ! there is a limit on how many we can make, so once they are gone, they.. gone ! So if your into helping a good cause and getting a damn cool bot, swing by at 9-00am Hong Kong time on the 29th of March.

That’s tonight at 9pm ET. I got both this news and the image from ActionFigurePics–ordinarily I wouldn’t just repost it here, but it’s for a good cause. (That said, do Ron a favor and click on that link anyway, especially if you end up buying one.)

Check out the fine print that says all previous Japanese customers of ThreeA get a free toy! Amazing. It’s been clear for a while now that ThreeA is an amazing toy company, but clearly they’re great people, too.