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ODD: We’re swinging into high here at PGPoA with the Halloween fun. I realize the whole zombie motif may be a bit 2006, but it was the first idea I thought of. The good thing is we get it out of the way now and I’ll have to come up with something else next year.

Attack of the Living Dead

Note: A slightly different version of this article was originally published on Biggerboat in October 2006. A couple years ago, during the huge zombie fad of the mid-’00s, Mezco Toyz produced a short-lived figure line called Attack of the Living Dead. The figures are a combination of today’s advanced action figure design and those old […]

It begins…

Obviously I stayed home today. It feels sort of surreal, sitting here writing a blog entry with all that’s going on…and wondering how long anyone will even be able to read this. How long will the electricity stay on? How long can people like me hide in their apartments and hope this thing blows over? […]

Gentle Giant debuts horror-themed website

Gentle Giant has created a horror sub-site at www.gentlegiantltd.com/horror. The site features their newest license, 30 Days of Night. The site says simply, “Based on the graphic novel by Steven Niles and Ben Templesmith.” Not having read the GN or seen the movie adaptation, I’m not clear whether that’s referring to the film or the […]