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When I was designing this site in my head, one thing I knew I wanted were graphics inspired by some of the more random toys I loved as a child. Hence the first “On the Menu” figure, Weed Killer. From time to time I’ll be posting a review/memoir about each character found on the site’s graphics (incidentally, watch for two brand-new graphics coming at the end of the month).

Today’s OTM is a fellow that many of you have mentioned in your comments: Soaron Sky Sentry, the pterodactyl-like robot-man and official PGPoA enforcer who orders you to post a comment.

From his original packaging:

Soaron Sky Sentry

Soaron Sky Sentry
Date: 8.31.2172

Full Name: Soaron 71852 – Sky Sentry (Prototype)
Classification: Warlord – Class 1A/Aerial Unit
Program: Primary Function: Execute orders of Lord Dread without fail. 2nd Function: Provide Air Surveillance for Volcania and the Empire.
Characteristics: Highly intelligent… Merciless…Moves with lightning speed and is unstoppable when airborn.
Known Weakness: Underestimates human strategy and endurance capacity…Subject is weaker when grounded. Lure to ground whenever possible.
Special Tactical Weapon: Digitizer Staff.
Military Insignia: Sky Sentry Symbol.
Current Status: The first “Warlord” Bio Dread…self-replication enables it to replace/repair any damaged parts in battle…A one-of-a-kind unit.
Warning: Capable of destroying small cities…engage in battle only when unavoidable…artificially intelligent – can “think” during battle.

Now, none of that means anything to me, but I thought I’d throw it up there for those of you for whom it does. The packaging also states that Soaron is the “Bio Dread Sky Assault Warlord,” which sounds like the title of an anim


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  1. As long as we are sharing, my Captain Power toys:

    2 of the black bad guy ships

    1 captain power ship (that saw a lot of duty as a joe vehicle)

    1 captain power

    1 flying guy

    1 soaron

    1 Blastar or whatever the other evil robot guy was that wasn't soaron

    1 captain power station (you put power on it and when it lit up his chest kind of glowed)

    2 animated captain power videos

    1 tape of the show

  2. Esbat

    LMFAO… the SKeet shooting part of Duck Hunt was the best.

  3. Poe

    That's cool. I have to say, my opinion of light gun technology was forever tainted by Gumshoe, a difficult game which required constant pulling of the trigger and really made no sense as a gun game at all. Man, I hated that game. No amount of Duck Hunt could wash away its memory.

  4. Esbat

    I STILL have a tape of the show… i had to double check my VHS/DVD box.

  5. Esbat

    I have one or two sealed tapes of the show. Plus I not only owned, 2 Captain Powers (i had to replace the one I broke), I had the light gun ship, AND some kinda super 3 in 1 rifle.

  6. Captain Power ruled and Soaron was my favorite character.

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