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Today’s Caption the Pic features my Valentine’s Day present from Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be: an unbelievably awesome knitted Batman. She knitted everything on it (except for the bat symbol, which is made of felt). That’s right, my knitted Batman’s got belt pouches, bitches.

So go ahead and write up a caption for this pic in the comments below. (Praise for my fiancee’s mad knitting skillz won’t help you win, but it’s appreciated.) Deadline is next Friday. I’ll pick the one personally find the funniest, and announce it with the release of the next photo.

This week’s winner will receive: a carded Savage Dragon figure (shirtless) from Marvel Toys’ Legendary Comic Book Heroes line.


5 Question With > Mattel’s Toy Guru, 2/15/08


A few thoughts on comics


  1. Ermine

    Superman: "So Bruce. What do you think?"

    Batman: "God I hate you."

  2. "You should see the Chia-Robin!!!"

  3. Noelle

    As a fellow knitter, I have to give Karen some serious props for knitting Batman! That's awesome!

  4. Don't Be Mad

    "The question is, which toy?"

    $847.63, the monthly cost of infant-rearing in 1989.

  5. OB1

    @Pete: The bar code is scannable. I scanned it from actual toy packaging. The question is, which toy? 😉

    @K: That is just plain awesome work. Not only the great thought in the gift itself, but the amazing execution.

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