Cleatus gets beat(us)

I don’t want to write about, read about, or think about the game last night…ever again…but I did want to mention it was cool to see the Fox Sports Robot (who received a shiny new paint job for the event) throw down with the Terminator endoskeleton. Kudos for the marketing gimmick, Fox (especially if it was intended as a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment of the robot’s unpopularity with many viewers).

You can watch the three clips at under the “Fox/NFL Promos” section.


Poe’s Figure Hall of Fame > Chogokin Mechagodzilla


Odds ‘n Ends > Imperfect Edition


  1. Damn! Why the hate? Its a stupid graphic! I still haven't found the guy.

    I entered into a contest at a certain online action figure website, but they have yet to announce a winner… kinda funny, cuz I got the impression the drawing would be after the game.

    I might as well order it online. If I wait too long my football fervor will be gone, but its still a good toy.


  2. Poe

    If you do a Google search for Fox Sports Robot, you will come across a good number of hate threads.

    Here's one…

    Another one…

    Another one…

    And one by a fellow who has wasted far too much time of his life hating a graphic image.

    MWC was the one whose review mentioned how hated the character was–he could be basing that on the search results. However, I have heard disparaging comments from people at various football get-togethers I went to this season.

    I'm cool with him, personally. There are worse graphics out there, such as ANY graphic of a person, thing, or alien dancing because he/she/it got a low mortgage rate. Those ads make me die a little inside every time I see them.

  3. orionpax636

    Who are these fictitious people that hate the Robot so much? Some people need a swift kick in the 'nads…

  4. I had to watch those again last night: on first look, I thought more Terminators were showing up in the third one.

  5. Red Kryptonite

    I particularly enjoyed the little animation of Cleatus shakin' it out, rolling his head, you know, loosenin' up.

  6. I noticed that too. Pretty cool. Though, the second time when the Terminator dragged Cleatus off, it looked like there were two more Sports Robots coming up to get some payback.


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