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As you can see by my Flickr photostream, I did indeed–finally–get my second wave of DCUC figures, though it required a trip to the local UPS warehouse after hours. My thanks to Cornerstorecomics for their prompt shipping and excellent customer service.

As for the wait, at least Mattel is being honest about wave three and telling us to expect it in early July.

Now, as for the last contest. I know I’d been saying I would have a raffle if the figures arrived after March 31, but in looking at the wording of my original post I realized I’d originally written that in that event, the latest date would get the figure. And so, the winner of the first “Everybody into the Pool” contest is: AskedForIt! I’ve already contacted him and will be shipping his Superman Red figure out to him soon. Congrats, AFI!

DCUC Wave 3It’s not yet clear which figure will be the extra one in the wave three cases, but as the title of this post suggests, I’m having another contest for it. Same rules as before–guess the date on which the case will arrive at my door (not the date it ships out). One guess per person. (Close friends, family, and Power Pals not eligible.)

The date range this time is June 1 to July 31. As before, the closest date wins, even if they arrive before or after the date ranges. Just leave a comment below with your pick.


June 15: Da Tran Man
June 26: J_Stone
June 29: Rafa
July 1: AskedForIt
July 4: Monte
July 5: Arrakhat
July 8: jimm
July 11: Henry
July 14: Esbat
July 16: Cody
July 17: Robiwan
July 18: Tom-Tom
July 20: Ben Leyer
July 23: TSR
July 25: StrangePlanet
July 27: xrmc20
July 30: gratus
July 31: Dwaltrip


Well, that sucks.


Ask Mattel > 4/2/08


  1. Poe

    And with that last entry, I'm going to close the comments. May the best collector win!

  2. July 11!

    I cant wait to get that Green Lantern figure!

    Nightwing and Robin are secondary…

  3. Cody

    If you're still taking dates, I'll go with July 16th.


  4. StrangePlanet

    I'll take July 25th.

  5. jimm

    July 8th

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