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  1. Poe

    There's still a Sedells in Carver. At least, I think it's still a Sedells.

    Heck, though, I remember when Tedeschis was Curtis!

    And I do recall Service Merchandise, dimly. There's a Bennys in Plymouth, though the only toys I ever remember getting there were the old Kenner Beetlejuice figures.

    The Child World I went to was the one at the Hanover Mall. The other cool store there was a Hobby Express.

    Of course, to the young Poe, nothing was cooler than Mr. Big's Toyland in Waltham. Godzilla import vinyls and Shogun Warriors popys! The jewel of my collection is still the original Kargosaur (Space Dragon) from Gaiking.

  2. I remember Caldor's, there was one over in the east side of Brockton.

    Child World at the Westgate Mall was like Mecca!

    I don't know if its progress or a sign of my age, but to sit and think of all of these stores gone by, and now all thats left are Wal-Mart and Target. I'm surprised K-Mart and Sears are still floundering around.

    Bradlees, Woolworths, Ames are other ones that have bit the dust. Do you remember Service Merchandise on the Brockton/Stoughton line?

    One store that is an enigma to me is Benny's. I don't know how those stores manage to stay open, but they do. Especially the one in Raynham, right down the street from Super Wal-Mart. Its probablly customer loyalty, which is rare these days, usually people flock to where they can find the lowest price. But what do low prices mean when you don't get the same kind of service as you do from a smaller store.

    I guess its that way with anything though. Super massive hardware stores have snuffed out the little guys, like Somerville Lumber and Grossmans to name a few, now we've got Lowes and Home Depot. Mom & Pop drug stores have given way to CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid, no more Sedells or Sergios.

  3. stcardinal

    I have three of these. I had no idea what they were or where they were from when I was a kid.

  4. Tom-Tom

    domo omigato mr. roboto

  5. Poe

    Ha ha ha–I remember Zayres. Anyone remember Caldor's? Child World?

  6. kylethoreau

    oh god I remember that figure. I think i got it at a zayres.

  7. orionpax636

    I loved Robo Force, even their one episode cartoon. I still cherish my old Max Steele, it was a pretty innovative line of figures with interesting action features that never caught on.

  8. Toy robots are the best.

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