New haulage from the Magic TRU

I’m a tad behind on the next installment of Batman vs. Predator: If It Bleeds (the art is done, but I still need to add the dialogue), so in lieu of that, I thought I’d post this little post showcasing my haul from the Magic Toys ‘R Us last night. (Yes Paul, it came through with the Snake Eyes.) By the way, don’t forget to vote in the poll about the message board (it’s on the left below the menu).

I was in a buying mood when I hit the Magic TRU last night. In addition to Snake Eyes, I also picked up a Mega Bloks Plasma Kreaps toy (I don’t collect Mega Bloks, but I’d seen a post about these online and they looked neat) and a reissue Madball by Basic Fun. I chose Horn Head because he’s the closest I ever came to owning one of the original Madballs; in third grade, I traded someone else for one for about a day. I know I didn’t keep him, though, for some reason or other. Actually, maybe I never even traded for him, I may have just borrowed him…look, the point is he’s the only Madball I remember seeing in person.

Anyway, moving on…let’s start with the Plasma Kreap Gargoyle toy.

To explore this strange new bauble, I decided to enlist the aid of DCUC Batman. Take it away, Bats!

“All right, let’s see what we’ve got here…EWW!”

“Gross! What the heck is this thing? It’s all latex-y…like a body condom…um, not that I’d know anything about that. Anyway…”

“Oh my–oh, this is disgusting…this is like that time I had to give the Penguin a sponge-bath.

Did I just say that out loud?”

“Oh great, it’s in pieces. This is ridiculous. Now what the heck do I do? I need some help.”

“I’ll just use this claw thing here to pry this little guy out of his package…”

“Hey there, do you think you could–ohhh crap. You’re the mute guy, aren’t you? Dammit. Well, maybe you can, um, point to something. Here, follow me.”

“So here it is. I don’t have any idea how to put it together, so I thought–what? That over there? That’s the packaging–we don’t need that–hey, where are you going?”

“Oh, ha ha. Instructions. Well played, Ace Deuce or whatever your name is.”

GARGOYLE: “Took you bastards long enough!”

BATMAN: “…shut up.”

…and here’s a Madball.



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Driven batty


  1. Nice haul. Man, that Madball sure does bring back some memories…

  2. Poe

    @Esb–what browser are you using? Including the version? Can you take a screencap of what you're seeing and email it to me at poe at poeghostal dot com?

  3. Poe

    @Esb–sorry you've had a sucktacular week, my friend.

    And thanks for the heads-up on the poll–we'd seen that on another browser, but we'd thought we'd fixed it. We'll check again.

  4. My week has been rather sucktacular so glad someone's isn't.

    Also note that your poll is kinda mashed up to the side of your blog posts. Maybe its because my Monitor is 1024×768 Resolution or the fact of the matter I'm using firefox or something. BUt I think I voted that I'd visit daily but post occassionally.

  5. Hah smelly balls….

    Anyway, nice post.

  6. Poe

    @GG–That's what you get for giving so much attention to Deadpool. All your other figures look to him as their role model now.

    @Shocker–Yep, they're still made of foam, but they don't have that distinctive smell the old Madballs had. I can't describe it, but those old Madballs had this unique fragrance, something in the way they were produced. My new Horn Head doesn't smell like anything.

  7. Is the madball still the same nerfy foamy stuff the old ones were made out of?

  8. See, I'm less sad about not being near the Magic Toys R' Us, than I am that your toys are helpful and build each other, and mine backbite each other and steal the new guy's accessories.

  9. Red Kryptonite

    BEST. POST. EVER. After the hell-on-wheels week I've had? Holy crap I needed this.

  10. Poe

    @PT–Maybe offline, but I'm not posting it here 😉

    It hadn't been quite as amazing lately, but with the appearance of the Snake Eyes (the only one in the store, of course), my faith in its magic was restored.

  11. Nice haul! And it doubles as a figure toon! Nice find on Snakey, I haven't seen him in stores for a while now.

    Do you care to reveal the location of your Magic TRU? 😉


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