The Caine Scrutiny

Sunglasses of Justice

One of my worst-kept secrets (in that I talk about it without even being asked) is my love for CSI: Miami. And since I must have everything I love turned into little movable plastic idols of some sort, I recently commissioned a Horatio Caine custom action figure. The customizer is one Matt Hancock, and let me tell you, he did some excellent work.

The head (as you may be able to tell from the sunglass-less pics below) was sculpted around an Angel head, i.e., David Boreanaz. But I think it came out pretty good, especially when he has the sunglasses on. The kicker is the hair–Matt nailed Caruso’s trademark sweeping, comb-over like ‘do. With the sunglasses on, he’s perfect.

The body is a Deluxe Angel figure, which is pretty much perfect for Horatio. I may do a little lightening of Horatio’s skin (Matt made him a little tanned, whereas Caruso is actually rather pale), but all in all I think Matt did some great work here. And, oh yes, you can expect the good Lieutenant to appear in future comics. But for now, enjoy the pics!


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  1. I'd sex him.

  2. orionpax636

    Nice! The only thing it's missing is a voice chip with all of the gazillion snappy sayings he begins every episode with.

  3. Red Kryptonite

    …there aren't enough awesome words in the world to describe this. Perhaps Roger Daltry said it best when he said OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  4. Very nice work! I'm not much of a CSI fan, but I do enjoy it once in a while. You're right, I think the hair is what really pulls it together. Great job!

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