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The Return

That’s right, folks…I’m back. Cue evil laughter…wait for it…now.

You guys get me for a whole week this time. Of course, there’s not a lot of toy news to discuss, it being the week after SDCC, but Poe has another ‘5 Questions’ up, and I’ll tackle next Tuesday’s Odds ‘n Ends. Other than that, we’ve got a wide open schedule. So, tell me. Anything you’d like to discuss? Any opinions on Hasbro’s announcements for the Marvel Legends line last week? Ooh, here’s a good one that always pulls a lot of answers: What new character (I.E., one that hasn’t been done in ML-scale before) would you like to see most in the ML line?

Here’s mine.

I know we’ve seen a LOT of green lately, but there’s just something so…cool about a humanoid pteronodon. I’d have customized one already if that DCSH Man-Bat exclusive weren’t so expensive. My second choice, in light of the Guardian announcement, would be more Alpha Flight figures–Sasquatch is lonely.

What about you guys? Any picks? Hasbro’s announced quite a bit in the next few months, but there’s still a lot more they can do with the line.

5 Questions With: Kate Napolitano

Codename: Kate Napolitano
Specialty: Managing Editor
Base of Operations: ToyFare magazine
Motto: “What’s it going to be then, eh?”
History: There was she, that is Kate, and her three hobbies: books, sex, and superheroes. For a long time, she believed she was going to marry the first two and try to become the next Dr. Ruth. Growing up in my happy New Jersey home, she always appreciated having my questions about sex answered honestly and positively by her totally sweet, supportive parents–and she thought it’d be great to pass that good karma professionally on to others. But when she got to college, and suddenly realized she was writing a few more papers on Batman than she was on BDSM, she thought a job more marvelous-so to speak-would likely make her happy. So, she kept her eyes open for anything Wizard, Marvel, DC, Top Cow, etc., related–and lo and behold–she found this opportunity and fought for it like the last BBQ chip! She is a life-long fan of all things Wizard–they are honestly her Journalism heroes; it’s a dream and honor to be in their office every day. So, humbly and happily, Kate’s glad to say she’s a pretty happy girl right now. And (she said with a wink) still a budding sexpert off the clock. She never leaves a droog behind.

PG: Please describe what you do at ToyFare. Is this the culmination of a lifelong desire to work with toys or the inevitable result of a misspent youth?

I am Adam Tracey’s bioengineered clone, birthed in a petri-dish at Wayne Enterprises–now with less goatee, more cleavage (::shiver at thought of Adam with a li’l decolletage::). Okay…seriously, I am ToyFare‘s Managing Editor. And what’s that, friends? In short, I organize, organize, organize–production schedules, meetings, interview appointments–with a little whip crackin’ to make sure everything, from big features to little ads, gets done on time. Plus a little copy editing. Which is a sentence fragment. As is that. And that.

Odds ‘n Ends > The Secret of the Ooze

ODD: As you may have heard, I’m getting married this weekend. The ceremony is out in Los Angeles–a continent away from our home of Boston–and as such, I won’t really have the ability, time, or inclination to maintain between tomorrow and the end of next week. Therefore, I will be leaving you in the capable hands of Pete, the twisted mind behind Fanwank and Number One to my Picard. You have the conn, Pete. Well, you’ll have it starting Thursday.


Where to begin? It’s funny that while DC’s comics continue to play second fiddle to Marvel, their comic-based animation and merchandising do very well–in some cases better than Marvel. I think that speaks to the appeal of the characters and universe. (Maybe DC should try starting up an Ultimate Marvel-style line of comics based on the continuity established in the animated universe, but in regular comics art style, not Bruce Timm’s. I’d buy ’em in a heartbeat.)

But I digress. Mattel’s DC panel at SDCC yesterday sounds like it was packed, and apparently some people are waiting in line for five hours to get their hands on the exclusives, so it seems DCUC is doing quite well.

Hasbro’s Marvel Museum (SDCC 2008)

(Full pictures of everything I discuss are right here.)

Hasbro sure does show us a lot of Marvel figures, considering that they haven’t actually sold us many in the last 8 months or so.

Still, Hulk Legends has made it to retail (and Foom is worth it, even if a few of the figures aren’t), and other lines are on their way. In a weird move, Hasbro has shown another Wal-Mart exclusive wave, with no standard HML 4 yet to appear. I hope they don’t plan to continue this trend of ML appearing only as exclusives…

SDCC 2008 Preview Night

Just a few comments on what came out of last night’s SDCC preview.

Mattel’s keeping most of their stuff under wraps (except for a few sightings of DC Infinite Heroes) until their panels on Friday, but they seem to be the exception–most companies had plenty of their new wares on display. One thing I did discover–apparently there’s a clear variant of King Grayskull. And here’s a look at the production figure.

Incidentally, is now live (well, with a preview page). You can make out some of the exclusives behind the Jughead-like Matty character. I’m really hoping Mattel ran this by Archie Comics first, given that company’s infamous habit of suing at the slightest provocation. (Note: the site seems to be going on- and offline like a yo-yo. No idea why. Keep trying and you’ll get through.)

I’m excited to see these guys. Looks like we’re getting a Foot Ninja, a UTROM (who I almost predicted in my previous post), SHREDDER!!! and a Foot Elite Guard.

Glancing at NECA’s videogame wares (including the protagonist from Prototype), I noticed in the corner some wee figures of Raving Rabbids! Here’s hoping for a three-pack with tons of accessories (I suppose Rayman would probably be in there too).

Pete will have an update on all the newly-revealed Hasbro Marvel goodies later today. The Mattel DC Comics panel is at 11am PDT tomorrow.

SDCC Predictions

I thought it might be fun to toss out some predictions as to what new revelations we’ll see, toy-wise, at SDCC.

Here are a few of my predictions:

  • DC Universe Classics – I expect the wave six line-up rumored in my earlier post will prove accurate, with Kalibak as the BAF. For wave seven, I’m picking the following names completely out of the blue: The Flash (Wally West, w/ Prof. Zoom variant), Deadshot, Batman (modern), Captain Cold, Raven, Brown Man-Bat BAF. exclusive: The Question
  • Movie MastersDark Knight Two-Face, DK Commissioner Gordon, Keaton Batman and Nicholson Joker. exclusive: Movie Master Batpod
  • NECA Ninja Turtles – Foot Ninja, Shredder, April w/ opening-mouth Mousers, Triceraton

I don’t know enough about G.I. Joe, Marvel Legends, Transformers and such forth for guesses on those, so feel free to throw some predictions in the thread below.

Ode to an Odor (A poem in honor of SDCC)

In honor of the San Diego Comic Con‘s most infamous trait, I offer this poem.

In sunny San Diego our story begins,

A starry-eyed lad’s first Comic Con.

He picks up his badge and posters and pins

And enters this geeky Avalon.

At first he is wowed by the sounds and signs

This celebration of pure fanboy bliss,

It’s only as the shock declines

He begins to sense something amiss.

At first he thinks, what’s that smell?

Faugh! Some stranger has sneaked a cheek,

He pushes his way through the swell

Hoping the putrid scent to cheat.

But our poor hero is not aware

This stench is beyond all known or reasoned.

Formed of sweat and body hair

It is many–it is Legion.

Odds ‘n Ends > Tokyo Drift

ODD: For years now, Red Kryptonite and I have been exchanging 100-email Gmail threads. Around the 100th email, Gmail forces you to split off into another thread, so at that point we just start a new “volume.” I think we’re on the seventeenth or eighteenth volume now. Anyway, at some point we got in the habit of distinguishing them with sequel subtitles, and now I’ve decided to rip that off for future Odds ‘n Ends posts. Mostly because I hate trying to come up with those “Edition” titles.

END: Rumored line-up for DCUC Wave 6:

2601100194 DC Universe Wave 6: Dr. Impossible Action Figure
2601200194 DC Universe Wave 6: Hawkman Action Figure
2601400194 DC Universe Wave 6: Killer Moth Action Figure
2601000194 DC Universe Wave 6: Mr. Miracle Action Figure
2601300194 DC Universe Wave 6: Shazam Action Figure
2600800194 DC Universe Wave 6: Superman (Black Suit) Action Figure
2600900194 DC Universe Wave 6: Superman (Red Suit) Action Figure

Not sure what a “red suit” Superman is, but one guess is it may be a new “standard” Supes to replace the one from DCSH. I’d be more excited–Captain Marvel (Shazam) and Killer Moth are great news–but I’m too impatient from waiting for wave three.

Incidentally, my new must-have figure for DCUC is Deadshot. Given his appearance in Justice League Unlimited and the JLU line, I feel pretty confident we’ll see him in DCUC soon. Incidentally, in case you missed it, the Fwoosh has a sneak peek at a DCUC Blue Beetle (wave unknown). Congrats to VeeBee of Fwoosh, who’s been lobbying for this figure since day one.

No news is…not news

I’m still recovering from my bachelor party over the weekend. Between that and the fact that we got to the IMAX showing of Dark Knight a bit late and had to sit in the front row, I’m going to hold off on giving my thoughts on it. I want to see the movie again first.

I’ve got plenty of stuff in the pipeline for PGPoA, but right now a lot of it is on hold for various reasons. Fortunately SDCC hits this week and I can commence my armchair coverage.

You might notice we’ve done a little rearranging of the sidebar, including adding a “tip jar” (a.k.a. Top Spots). Here’s how it works. Running this site ain’t free, and while ads help to cover expenses, they don’t necessarily amount to a fortune. And so, if you enjoy the site and just hate all that disposable income clogging up your bank account–and you have PayPal–you can toss some money in the Top Spots tip jar. The minimum is $5. As an added bonus, you can then add a link to whatever website, web page, YouTube video, or WoW clan you want. It’s not exactly advertising, but it’s better than just giving me money for nothing, right? …right? Bueller?

Also keep an eye out for a brand-new, vintage Red Kryptonite menu image this week.

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