No news is…not news

I’m still recovering from my bachelor party over the weekend. Between that and the fact that we got to the IMAX showing of Dark Knight a bit late and had to sit in the front row, I’m going to hold off on giving my thoughts on it. I want to see the movie again first.

I’ve got plenty of stuff in the pipeline for PGPoA, but right now a lot of it is on hold for various reasons. Fortunately SDCC hits this week and I can commence my armchair coverage.

You might notice we’ve done a little rearranging of the sidebar, including adding a “tip jar” (a.k.a. Top Spots). Here’s how it works. Running this site ain’t free, and while ads help to cover expenses, they don’t necessarily amount to a fortune. And so, if you enjoy the site and just hate all that disposable income clogging up your bank account–and you have PayPal–you can toss some money in the Top Spots tip jar. The minimum is $5. As an added bonus, you can then add a link to whatever website, web page, YouTube video, or WoW clan you want. It’s not exactly advertising, but it’s better than just giving me money for nothing, right? …right? Bueller?

Also keep an eye out for a brand-new, vintage Red Kryptonite menu image this week.


Weekend gab post


Odds ‘n Ends > Tokyo Drift


  1. Poe

    It's also possible Adblock doesn't really recognize it as an ad. You may need to tell it to (if you want to).

    Again, technically it's not an ad 🙂

  2. I sees it. That means my ad block ain't working. stupid firefox 3. Although once I get a paypal running because apparently everyone has one, i'll throw you some green, because webcomics don't pimp themselves.

  3. ohh, i though you meant near the robot…my bad.

  4. Poe

    If you have Adblock or something, it might be blocking it. It's supposed to be right under the "Sold Separately" section.

  5. i see no tip jar…

    at least you got into the movie. when i went saturday night, all the showings were sold out for the next few hours worth (they had multiple screens), so my brother and i went bowling.

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