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ODD: As you may have heard, I’m getting married this weekend. The ceremony is out in Los Angeles–a continent away from our home of Boston–and as such, I won’t really have the ability, time, or inclination to maintain between tomorrow and the end of next week. Therefore, I will be leaving you in the capable hands of Pete, the twisted mind behind Fanwank and Number One to my Picard. You have the conn, Pete. Well, you’ll have it starting Thursday.

END: Wow. Toy-wise, this was one hell of a year for the San Diego Comic Con. Fans of DC Comics, G.I. Joe, Marvel, Transformers, and Star Wars certainly won’t be padding their wallets with cash anytime soon. Since  my current favorite line is DC Universe Classics, naturally that was where my attention was mostly drawn. But there was plenty of great news to go around; I think the biggest revelation was Hasbro’s 3 3/4″ Marvel line.

ODD: On a note to my earlier post, after seeing more photos of DCUC Starfire, I don’t think her bust looks as odd as it did on the Mattycollector images. Between Mattel’s need to keep production costs down by reusing sculpts and the fact that this is technically a mass market line, this may be about as curvaceous as we can hope for. And now that I’ve spent a whole paragraph discussing an action figure’s bust, I’m going to crawl into a basement and die.

END: I saw The Dark Knight for the second time over the weekend. At this point I don’t think I’ll write a review of it; I’ll just put up a spoiler-filled discussion post at some point in the near future.

ODD: I saw the new Hasbro Millennium Falcon at Target this weekend. Wow. That thing is huge. And amazing. I loved the original toy, and I’m sorely tempted by this one, despite the inflated price and the fact that I haven’t really bought a Star Wars toy in ten years. The Falcon is my all-time favorite spaceship. I tried to convince Dr. Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be to let me put it on our registry, but she wouldn’t let me.

END: I may write a longer post on this, but I was at Newbury Comics and noticed how ridiculously sweet you Doctor Who fans have it right now. It’s like Star Wars back in the early ’80s–tons of different characters with good sculpts, crazy vehicles and giant monsters, fantastic selection, everything. NC had an entire two-sided rack unit devoted just to Who stuff.




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  1. jumper11

    Congratulations Poe, and uh.. Mrs. Poe (?)!

  2. captainzero

    Hey, guys–

    This is maybe the wrong place… but I just got King Grayskull and a TimeKeeper in the mail this morning.

    They both look just great.

  3. captainzero

    Wishing you the Very Best…Poe.

  4. Hey Poe – I know I haven't been around a lot lately, but good luck with the wedding if I don't get to talk to you between now and then!

    Dr. Who fans certainly do have it sweet right now!


  5. this next weekend? crap, i need to make your gift!

  6. LA must know you're coming. It just tried to leap off the continent.

    Seriously though, a buddy of mine got married last year and during his honeymoon in Hawaii, an earthquake struck.

    'Earthquakes on your wedding' is the new black.

  7. Oh, and I forgot: all the best to you and your new bride!

  8. My Oldest saw that Falcon the other day at Wal-Mart: I don't think he's had a Star Wars toy in years, and he was still drooling over it.

    I haven't bought a Star Wars toy in a while either, but I'm wondering if Hasbro might reissue that thing as just a shell: no electronics. What would that run?

  9. I wish my facial hair was as authoritative as Riker's.

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