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ODD: For years now, Red Kryptonite and I have been exchanging 100-email Gmail threads. Around the 100th email, Gmail forces you to split off into another thread, so at that point we just start a new “volume.” I think we’re on the seventeenth or eighteenth volume now. Anyway, at some point we got in the habit of distinguishing them with sequel subtitles, and now I’ve decided to rip that off for future Odds ‘n Ends posts. Mostly because I hate trying to come up with those “Edition” titles.

END: Rumored line-up for DCUC Wave 6:

2601100194 DC Universe Wave 6: Dr. Impossible Action Figure
2601200194 DC Universe Wave 6: Hawkman Action Figure
2601400194 DC Universe Wave 6: Killer Moth Action Figure
2601000194 DC Universe Wave 6: Mr. Miracle Action Figure
2601300194 DC Universe Wave 6: Shazam Action Figure
2600800194 DC Universe Wave 6: Superman (Black Suit) Action Figure
2600900194 DC Universe Wave 6: Superman (Red Suit) Action Figure

Not sure what a “red suit” Superman is, but one guess is it may be a new “standard” Supes to replace the one from DCSH. I’d be more excited–Captain Marvel (Shazam) and Killer Moth are great news–but I’m too impatient from waiting for wave three.

Incidentally, my new must-have figure for DCUC is Deadshot. Given his appearance in Justice League Unlimited and the JLU line, I feel pretty confident we’ll see him in DCUC soon. Incidentally, in case you missed it, the Fwoosh has a sneak peek at a DCUC Blue Beetle (wave unknown). Congrats to VeeBee of Fwoosh, who’s been lobbying for this figure since day one.

ODD: I took a couple of nice pics of my Movie Masters figures last night; you can see them in my Flickr feed. These are fantastic figures, probably the best movie-based action figures I’ve ever owned. And now that I’ve seen The Dark Knight, I like them even more. I think the Joker should have come with a pencil, though.

END: A shout-out to my comrade (and first cousin) Ed Humphries, who’s been blogging about E3 and numerous upcoming videogames over on The Ed Zone. As today’s videogames are tomorrow’s action figure lines, it’s important to keep abreast of what’s happening in the industry. And where are my Sam & Max figures?!

ODD: Looks like Hasbro’s prices will be going up. The Bloomberg article states for the record that production costs for action figures in particular are soaring. (Thanks to Toy Bender for the link.)

July 21 (Bloomberg) — Hasbro Inc., the maker of Monopoly and Transformers, fell 1.7 percent in New York trading after the toymaker said it will raise prices for a second time this year to counter higher costs to make action figures.

Second-quarter profit jumped almost eightfold following costs a year earlier to end part of a contract with “Star Wars” director George Lucas, Hasbro said today. The world’s second-largest toymaker said a “mid-single-digit” price increase on a percentage basis will go into effect Sept. 1.

Unfortunately, barring a worldwide breakthrough in some new form of plastic production, I don’t see this situation getting better anytime soon. Higher prices for quality action figures are here to stay.


No news is…not news


Ode to an Odor (A poem in honor of SDCC)


  1. Scott

    Yeah, I always hate when they refer to Cap as "power of Shazam". Imagine if they called Superman "power of the yellow sun". πŸ™‚

  2. I know. Captain Marvel never gets any respect. He always gets beat up by Superman just because DC bought him. Ugh.

  3. Poe

    Stupid Marvel and their trademarks πŸ˜‰ It's a shame the two companies can't work out a deal so they can both use the name. They both own the trademark to "super hero."

  4. "which do you think?"

    I know which one it will be. It drives me crazy that he isn't usually called his actual name.

  5. Poe

    Dr. Impossible is a variant for Mr. Miracle. With the Superman variants, it's five figures with two variants, same as previous waves.

    Those in the know seem pretty confident about this line-up, but we'll see what SDCC reveals.

  6. Scott

    It seems unlikely that that wave 6 line-up is correct. For one, it's too many figures. Secondly, I think both Hawkman and Captain Marvel are A-listers who could head their own waves. My guess would be that we will see Hawkgirl in the wave to go with Hawkman. They did say that their will always be a related character to go with their A-lister, but that it won't always be a villian. Also, come to think of it, they said that we would have 1 female character in each wave going forward. None of the figures listed are female.

  7. that couldnt have been to add hype?

  8. Chris

    WOW! I swear I knew Christian Bale was a bit off these past few months.

    He's one of my favorite actors and I noticed a HUGE difference in his personality during interviews. He was dark, aggressive and had a different feel to him.

  9. which do you think?

  10. Now is it going to be Shazam the old magician guy or Captain Marvel?

  11. Regarding that Bale arrest, it will be interesting to find out what the family ties are like. If Bale, a former child actor, came from a Lohan-esque upbringing then perhaps these are trumped up charges to bring bad attention to him on the weekend of The Dark Knight's dawn. You know, one of those estranged family units that's all the rage in H-Wood these days.

    Or, if this is all true and Bale is a rage-aholic, then maybe he could be the villain in the next Batman flick. D'oh – did I just spoil it???

  12. captainzero

    Batman MM figures look Great!!

    Christian Bale … not so much!!

    (FROM AP) – Dark Knight star Christian Bale was arrested on Tuesday (July 22) for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister and spent four hours at a London police station but was not charged. Representatives for Bale released a statement on Tuesday denying that an assault took place. According to police, Bale's mother and sister reported being assaulted at the Dorchester Hotel in London on Sunday night, a day before the European premiere the Batman sequel. (AP via Yahoo!)


  13. captainzero

    yea, 'Congrats to VeeBee' on the Blue Beetle action figure. He looks great(even from the backside.)

    BB seems to be the big news in the last couple of days. He looks like another great figure from Mattel/4H/DCUC. Hope the holster works well.

    Now,… going into the SDCC week… this should be one of the best weeks, most exciting weeks, …we're gonna get for awhile.

    Hang on, fanboys.!! We're goin' have some fun now!!

    New lines! New figures!! New Ways to order 'exclusive figures'!!

    and a whole lot more!!


  14. I can't wait for that Blue Beetle. After the fun I've been having with Jaime in the strip…

  15. Thanks for the shout-out Poe. I posted my fourth E3-related piece today and have one more timed to hit on Thursday and after that, I am all E3'd out. I look forward to your Comic-Con pieces.

    Sorry I missed the b-party this past weekend. I was playing Mr. Mom as the wifey fled to parts unknown. If she doesn't get back here soon, I'm gonna' fire up the GPS and track her by that chip I had placed in her wedding ring. Anyway, sounds like I missed out on a major crick in the neck. Oh, how I yearn for Sciatica.

    I know that's in the legs but reality intrudes on my jokes.

    I assume y'all imbibed some of Grandpa Witherspoon's Cure All tonic after the show and were right good and sprightly in the morn'?

  16. that horse-whered you get it?

  17. Poe

    @Monte–At the top of the website, on the right.

  18. I'm retarded; where's your FlickR feed?

  19. Rustin Parr

    # 2 is in reference to the thing about Hasbro raising its prices

  20. Rustin Parr

    1) DCUC rumored wave 6. LAME, I officially am becoming pretty underwhelmed, but this is just of course a rumor – I'll know more by the end of the week for sure but Dr. Impossible? Killer Moth? Sounds pretty boring to me…

    2) Target is redoing their toy aisles, assumably in build up to SW's 26th re-launch and I noted a big rise in prices. Mattel Movie Masters are 12.99 (probably to further differentiate from the comically non-selling 5" line), but single carded DCIH are $4.99. Both single carded SW and IJ will now be $7.99. $7.99 for a 4" figure. Mass produced by Hasbro. Damn.

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