Ode to an Odor (A poem in honor of SDCC)

In honor of the San Diego Comic Con‘s most infamous trait, I offer this poem.

In sunny San Diego our story begins,

A starry-eyed lad’s first Comic Con.

He picks up his badge and posters and pins

And enters this geeky Avalon.

At first he is wowed by the sounds and signs

This celebration of pure fanboy bliss,

It’s only as the shock declines

He begins to sense something amiss.

At first he thinks, what’s that smell?

Faugh! Some stranger has sneaked a cheek,

He pushes his way through the swell

Hoping the putrid scent to cheat.

But our poor hero is not aware

This stench is beyond all known or reasoned.

Formed of sweat and body hair

It is many–it is Legion.


Odds ‘n Ends > Tokyo Drift


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  1. nice poem!

  2. Poe

    D'oh! Thanks for that catch. Fixed now!

  3. Wes

    Brilliant! I think there's a typo on one line ("Hoping to the putrid scent to cheat" — you meant to leave out the first "to," yes?), but it's nevertheless a very clever piece. Encore!

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