Where to begin? It’s funny that while DC’s comics continue to play second fiddle to Marvel, their comic-based animation and merchandising do very well–in some cases better than Marvel. I think that speaks to the appeal of the characters and universe. (Maybe DC should try starting up an Ultimate Marvel-style line of comics based on the continuity established in the animated universe, but in regular comics art style, not Bruce Timm’s. I’d buy ’em in a heartbeat.)

But I digress. Mattel’s DC panel at SDCC yesterday sounds like it was packed, and apparently some people are waiting in line for five hours to get their hands on the exclusives, so it seems DCUC is doing quite well.

For those of you who don’t want to have to peruse ten different websites to get all the news and photos regarding DCUC, I’ll break it down for you right here. At the end of the article is a list of links to photos. I’m going to stick to official announcements rather than include any of the possible future plans that were discussed.

Wave Four now has two Kay-Bee Toys exclusives: an unmasked Batman Beyond and a Sonic Arm Cyborg.

As previously rumored, Wave Six will consist of:

  • Regeneration Superman (with a chase variant of classic uniform w/ mullet)
  • Killer Moth (classic)
  • Hawkman
  • Mr. Miracle (Dr. Impossible chase)
  • Shazam (i.e. Captain Marvel)
  • BAF: Kalibak

Wave Six (as well as waves three to five) should be out by the end of the year. (Incidentally, it was announced that Wave Three will be out in “a week and a half.” Whatever, man. At this point, I’m pretty sure Godot is handling the shipping.)

Starting next year, DCUC will move up to 7-figure waves. I’m not entirely certain what the situation will be, but from what I can tell, each wave will have seven characters with two chases figures, and the “primary figure” will come with a base. I’m guessing the “primary figure” will be the heavy hitter of the wave, like the Flash or Martian Manhunter.

Incidentally, in addition to 7-figure waves, the case packs will change from six figures to ten. That means each case is going to cost about a hundred bucks. Mattel mentioned having special online retailer cases, so I sure hope that means cases that include both chase figures.

Anyway, figures scheduled for 2009 include:

  • Flash (Barry Allen)
  • Captain Cold
  • Kid Flash
  • Blue camo costume Aquaman
  • Big Barda (w/ unmasked variant)
  • Blue Beetle
  • Booster Gold (modern version, and will include Skeets, who opens to reveal Mr. Mind)
  • BAF: Atom Smasher

I like most of these selections. Going with the classic Killer Moth instead of his monstrous Charaxes form is a bit odd–I have to believe the Horsemen would have loved a crack at Charaxes–but I suppose it was more about reusing the buck bodies. Kid Flash’s inclusion indicates Mattel is definitely targeting adult collectors with DCUC since the character hasn’t been seen in that outfit in the comics in over twenty years.

I just knew we were getting Captain Cold, though. Sadly, he was my only accurate prediction.

In addition to the previously-announced Lightray and removable-helmet Orion, Toys ‘R Us will have the following exclusive two-packs by the end of the year.

  • Cyborg Superman and Mongul
  • Hal Jordan (year one costume) and Abin Sur

The new Mattel collector website,, will have quarterly exclusive two-packs. The first one will be available for Q4 2008, and features Adam Strange (modern) and Starfire.

Strange looks excellent, but there’s been a lot of comment on Starfire’s–how should I put this?–lack of prominent endowment. Particularly egregious, according to one fan, is the “lack of a cleavage line.” Funny, but I get what he’s saying–it looks like she’s wearing an orange bodysuit.

All in all, Mattel seems to have really big plans for DCUC. The big question is: how will their distribution be? DCUC3 is two months late, and some collectors are still having trouble finding DCUC2. And I’ll be very curious to see whether crashes on Monday morning, or whether they sell out of Lobo figures.

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Hasbro’s Marvel Museum (SDCC 2008)


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  1. captainzero

    And we DO NEED "army builders" like the LEAGUE OF ASSASSINS Ninjas!!

    It IS time that Mattel/DC/4H gave us some "army building" figures.

    My Ra's Al Ghul (when we get him) will need, at least, six ninjas.

    And Talia will need as many…

    Come on Mattel!! We need a bunch of ninjas!!

    Two or three different styles, at least.

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