SDCC Predictions

I thought it might be fun to toss out some predictions as to what new revelations we’ll see, toy-wise, at SDCC.

Here are a few of my predictions:

  • DC Universe Classics – I expect the wave six line-up rumored in my earlier post will prove accurate, with Kalibak as the BAF. For wave seven, I’m picking the following names completely out of the blue: The Flash (Wally West, w/ Prof. Zoom variant), Deadshot, Batman (modern), Captain Cold, Raven, Brown Man-Bat BAF. exclusive: The Question
  • Movie MastersDark Knight Two-Face, DK Commissioner Gordon, Keaton Batman and Nicholson Joker. exclusive: Movie Master Batpod
  • NECA Ninja Turtles – Foot Ninja, Shredder, April w/ opening-mouth Mousers, Triceraton

I don’t know enough about G.I. Joe, Marvel Legends, Transformers and such forth for guesses on those, so feel free to throw some predictions in the thread below.


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SDCC 2008 Preview Night


  1. Poe

    …but the DCSH Batman (any version) goes with them perfectly.


    Over the weekend I painted my Hush Batman's head black and swapped it onto my DCSH8 Batman. I think it looks even better now. I'll take some pics tonight.

  2. …but the DCSH Batman (any version) goes with them perfectly.

  3. Itzal

    Good call on the Movie Master Batpod. Though we're still missing a modern Batman for the DCUC line. Feels strange to soon have a Nightwing and Robin without a Batman to really go with 'em.

  4. Dear god, I hope you're right about that Flash figure.

  5. I doubt Man-Bat will be a C/C, seeing as he's little bigger than Mongul.

  6. Chris

    It'd be pretty creepy if every single one of your predictions came true. lol

    SDCC tomorrow morning for me!!!!!!!!! LOBO here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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