DCUC Series 4 packaged pics

Mattel sends along these photos of DCUC Series 4 in package (not pictured: the regular Batman Beyond). According to Mattel, Captain Atom Gold and Silver will be at a 50/50 ratio and Artemis will be a chase version of Wonder Woman (about the same as maskless Deathstroke). The Cyborg with Sonic Arm and maskless Batman Beyond are KB Toys exclusives.


Timekeepers in the house! Well, apartment.


Mattel opens up

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  1. AREZ

    The only ones that are really COOL are the Wonder Women, Cyborg, Ares & Batman Beyond. Now I wonder how much they'll cost at KBToys. They tend to charge more than Toys'R'Us, Target & Wal-Mart.

    NO brake for my Wallet!!!

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