All apologies for the lack of updates–a combination of a busy week and a general lack of items of toy-related interest is to blame.

As any regular reader of this blog knows, I don’t collect any G.I. Joe figures. However, I’m always interested in a great toy (for instance, I own the Sigma Six Sky B.A.T.–that thing is just a cool). And I have to say this guy looks awesome:

I know nothing about the character, although the short bio on Hasbro’s site sounds pretty cool:

MERCENARY WRAITH was known for years by the G.I. JOE team and the COBRA organization. Each group hoped that the skilled spy and fighter would choose to join them. In the end, DESTRO was the only one who discovered what MERCENARY WRAITH truly lived for: chaos and destruction. MERCENARY WRAITH doesn’t care about causes or sides, right or wrong; he cares only about the next mission or battle, the next chance to cause harm. Using stolen technology, he acquired a stealth assault suit that makes him virtually invisible. He is protected from weapons fire by impenetrable ceramic plates and is an expert marksman with the built-in forearm cannons. The only flaw in the suit is that an outline of him can be seen if he moves too fast, but by then he is so close to this target that you only get a quick, shadowy glimpse before MERCENARY WRAITH makes his move.

He looks and sounds like the Joe-verse’s Boba Fett, specifically designed to make geeks go wild. Heck, I’m surprised he hasn’t given Snake Eyes a run for his money in popularity.

Anyway, he’s such a cool-looking toy that I just might have to get him…if I can find him. He’s so cool I assume he’ll be shortpacked or otherwise impossible to find. For those of you in the Joe loop, when is he due out?


Hot Toys’ Bank Robber Joker…wow.


Skeletor – new MOTUC pics


  1. Mark

    I do like the 25th figures but Hasbro are not distributing them over here in the UK, like in the US, if they were for sale at Toys'R'Us I would have a lot of them, but over here we can only get them off ebay and when you include postage they are not worth the price, as much as I would like Wild Bill, Firefly, Beach-Head and a lot of others. Hopefully they will distribute the movie figures and the toys from the Resolute cartoon.

  2. "Oh yeah and as far as the fragile thing goes, I haven’t seen any 25th figure with broken thumbs or crotches yet."

    Touche. 🙂

  3. Mark

    I own a Commando Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and they have not broke or anytrhing, they just do not seem as durable as the originals.

  4. Oh yeah and as far as the fragile thing goes, I haven't seen any 25th figure with broken thumbs or crotches yet.

  5. One reason I don't update on weekends is a lot of times I'm writing a week's worth of updates during the weekend!

    Plus I only get paid for 25 posts, so a lot of weekends are my "off" days. heh

    As for Wraith here, I have no attachment to him. I pre-ordered a case of figures of other figures I wanted that happens to include him, but I figured I'd sell him to make up for the cost of the rest of the figures that I really want if he's "worth" anything.

  6. I want a Wraith… he can kick it with my Star Wars Troopers.

  7. Mark

    Cool figure and character. I am afraid I have began to agree with Monte, I think these figures are a bit fragile compared to their 80's counterparts. I hope the movie figures will be 6" or 8" high like the Sigma 6 figures with lots of accessories.

  8. This is why RSS feeds are awesome, Monte. They do all the work for you, all you have to do is go through the list.

  9. I wasn't aware of Random Happenstance, so thank you!

    And crap, I just remembered that I recently and for the first time bookmarked Fanwank… I coulda caught up on that all weekend!

    Damn, and I could have caught up on Review the World, too! I'm lame!

    …I loved Moore's run on Supreme, incidentally. The art sometimes made it a struggle to get through, but man, was it fun. A total precursor to the ABC comics.

  10. Poe

    See, that's the thing–a character like that doesn't have to suck, given good writing. Just look at Deadpool, Rob Liefeld's flat-out rip-off of Deathstroke who was immediately tied to Wolverine's whole Weapon X thing and such forth…lame, but then he was written into one of the funniest and most interesting Marvel characters.

    Same for what Alan Moore did with Liefeld's Supreme…hmmm, Liefeld, Liefeld, I'm sensing a pattern here…

    Give him to me for a few issues, and I'll make Wraith into a great character.

    And hey, googum's put up three or four posts this weekend! After having supposedly "quit" the blog over a month ago…

    Here at the Chez Ghostal, the Mrs. and I have been busy cleaning house–making room for more toys, of course. But I'll try to get better about posting on weekends.

    Oh, and that's Deathstroke in those photos, not Deadshot…although Deadshot is another DC character who I'm hoping gets a DCUC figure. And he's kind of similar, in both look and character, to Deathstroke.

  11. Also, those photos of Robin and Deadshot (?) are awesome; lovely posing!

  12. You better apologize; you and Paul must have a life like everyone else, 'cause sometimes it feels like I'm the only person updating his blog (and seeking updates from the blogs of others) on the weekend.

    As for Wraith, I started losing interest in the Devil's Due comics right around the time Wraith appeared, but it wasn't his fault.

    Some folks dig him, others not so much; someone recently memorably likened him to an original character some lame kid might have invented during playtime, "Who is ten times stronger than Snake Eyes!" 🙂

    For my money, he's more of a gimmick than a character, but that's not new for G.I. Joe.

    Whatever your feelings about the character, though, there's no disputing that's a handsome toy. I'd buy him in a heartbeat if he was at the right scale.

    Also, I have 16 Sky B.A.T.s.

    Is that wrong?

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