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Welcome back to my week-long series of “intereviews” with the members of DC Universe Classics Wave 4. For those unfamiliar with the format, I basically pretend the figures are real and “interview” them, sneaking in my review in the process. Writing genius or borderline psychosis? You decide!

My guest today is Batman Beyond. BB, you’re an interesting choice for a DCUC figure, given that you were originally created for your eponymous cartoon and have only made a few brief cameo appearances in the DC comics universe. Why do you think you were added to the roster?

Well, I’m pretty popular among fans of the DC animated universe. And I did get a figure from DC Direct in their Superman/Batman line a couple years back, though it was a ‘roided-up Ed McGuinness version. And obviously there were tons of figures based on the cartoon.

But, if we’re going to be candid here, I suspect the real reason I got in is because I’m an easy retool. I’m the basic large male body with new head, belt, and forearm sculpts.

Nonetheless, I’d say the sculpting came out well.

Oh, no question! The Four Horsemen are among the best in the business, and I’m honored to have been sculpted by them. Some fans have been a bit disappointed by my “teeth-gritting” look, but really, if my mouth had been closed it would have looked like I didn’t have a mouth at all. And we’ve already got one of those in this wave–y’know, Ares.

Speaking of head sculpts, I understand there’s also a KB Toys exclusive of you without your mask on?

Yep. It’s not in stores yet, but it should be soon. It even comes with the crumpled mask.

How do you feel about Mattel’s decision to mold you in shiny black plastic?

I’ll be honest–I would have liked to have a flat black finish, like Black Manta. Also, my symbol is a little off-center…this is a recurring issue with DC Universe Classics, and I wish they’d get better QC on it.

I agree…if Superman’s S-symbol is off in Wave 6, I’m gonna be pissed.

Other than the shininess and the symbol, the only other paint work is on my belt, eyes and mouth, which I think are fine.

I see you’ve got the usual DCUC articulation–ball joints at the neck and shoulders, hinge joints at the elbows, knees, ankles and abdomen, post-hinge joints at the hips (for ball joint-style range of motion), and swivel joints at the wrists, biceps, thighs and waist.

I notice you don’t have much in the way of accessories, though.

Nope…just this batarang (and the crumpled mask with the exclusive). And the batarang’s the wrong color too! Technically it should be black and red, but they could have at least molded it in black. Silver makes no sense at all. Oh, and of course I’ve got the Despero part.

Prototype photos showed you with wings. Are you disappointed Mattel didn’t include them?

Definitely. I guess they didn’t cost out. Or maybe Mattel’s planning to re-release me down the line with them, or make them an exclusive on their collector website. Still, I’m already mostly a repaint–they couldn’t have at least given me the wings?

Overall, I’d have to say you’re probably the least interesting of DC Universe Classics Wave 4. It’s great to have a Batman Beyond figure, but you’re mostly just a repaint, and the lack of wings is a shame.

Sadly, I have to agree. I’m glad I come with the BAF piece…otherwise I’d be a total pegwarmer.


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  1. You are WRONG! He looks great glossy.

    It is a damn shame about the wings though.

  2. The custom a 13 year old made for me in trade for a V for Vendetta figure came with wings and its about the same damn figure too, just not glossy.

  3. No wings?

    Seriously: What the fuck?!?

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