DCUC5 has been found!

Call off the dogs!

yo go re of OAFE has found me a set of DCUC5. It’s probably not possible for me to thank him enough, so instead, I urge you all to go to OAFE and click on all the sponsor links.


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News round-up, Thanksgiving Eve edition


  1. Thomas

    You are indeed fortunate. I expect that I will never see any of these figures in a store and will only have the option of paying exorbitant prices on eBay, if I want them.

  2. Trip to three Wal-Marts today to kill time. Still nothing. Hoever, I did see they've put out new Dark Knight figures with the new packaging, including the Two Face. I passed on him though, I'll wait for the MM 2F. Also in the Bokugan space they seem to now be carrying Wall-E merch, which is odd because they had none while the film was out!


  3. lucky bastid! šŸ˜‰


  4. jimm

    Insider trading…bah!

  5. Brainlock

    I blame YOU for this!

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