This is pretty neat. A German company has created a remote control car powered by a fuel cell. Here’s the description from the seller’s page:

Winner of the prestigious German Toy Award in Electronics and Technology, this is the first remote-controlled car fueled entirely by hydrogen. The included fueling station is powered by a solar panel and uses electrolysis to safely deconstruct ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Simply connect the fueling station’s plastic tube to the car and hydrogen gas transfers to the car’s patented fuel cell, where platinum plates compress the hydrogen and convert it into electrical energy to power the motors. The car maneuvers like a traditional remote-controlled vehicle, stopping and starting on a dime and executing tight turns, and it reaches speeds up to 6 MPH (80 scale MPH). The car operates for up to 6 minutes after the 3 1/2-minute refueling process. Fueling station operates for 1 hour after a 4-minute charge. Solar panel can also be powered by AC adapter (included).

OK, so six minutes of play time for every four minutes of refueling isn’t that great, especially for the $150 price tag. But the novelty factor here is pretty cool. And I imagine this is one of those technologies that will improve greatly with each generation, until ten years from now you’re getting a half-hour for a two-minute fueling.