News round-up, Thanksgiving Eve edition


DCUC5 has been found!


Pic of the day


  1. Newt

    On the Joe list:

    It's pretty funny but the responses are even better. My two favorites couldn't be any different:


    If you get the joke it's hilarious and on the totally opposite end of the spectrum (and censored for Poe):

    It was great in the 80’s and yeah things are different now. I just bought my kids two Joe toys for Christmas this year and they will love them. Maybe if Joe didn’t die out and kids grew up loving it and joining the army fucking sand ni**ers wouldn’t of tried to blow the towers. Get Real Barbie Lover, Yo Joe.

  2. Newt

    The Marvel Universe line is gonna rock. Finally some Marvel figures at a decent scale!

    I think a lot of people complained about the Punisher figure and so they're going to redo him. Which means the first ones are going to be shortpacked and rare. Like Yellow Stalker.

  3. J_Stone

    Warren Ellis does GI Joe, huh? I can't honestly say I LOVE Ellis, but I'll give it a look.

  4. Brainlock

    He for got to mention that #7, the Mean Dogg's main cannon was also manned by a black man.

    Oh yes. I went there.

  5. Poe

    I agree, it's pretty spare. Although the pictures tell half the story.

  6. J, "Resolute" is based on the upcoming internet cartoon, penned by Warren Ellis.

    It promises to be bloody and good.

    As for that list, it needs a lot more in the way of commentary.

  7. J_Stone

    Damn, do I love the stupid Joe vehicles.

    Some of the wave 13 figures look like just reissues of the toys. I don't know what's up with the "Resolute" toys though. Don't remember that line.

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