Back on October 30, I posted a guess on the Fwoosh as to when the next few DC Universe Classics items would be available:

  • Wal-Mart DCUC wave starts appearing mid-November
  • DCUC wave 2 re-ships in early December
  • DCUC TRU exclusives start appearing early December
  • Adam Strange/Starfire ships late January
  • DCUC wave 6 ships early March

With the Wal-Mart wave just starting to trickle into stores now and the announcement that the Adam Strange/Starfire pack goes on sale January 15, I’m already 2 for 5. Anyone care to weigh in on my other predictions? The only one I’m not that confident about is wave six…it’s possible that will hit in late January. I’ll eat my invisible intangible hat if it shows up before December 31, though.

Maybe it’s time for another Pool contest…


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Pic of the day


  1. Considering how broke I am after ordering wave 5 (from toybubz, should be here in a few days), the later wave 6 is the better. If 6 hits in January there's no way I'll be able to afford the Starfire/Strange pack, and the TRU 2 packs are already doubtful I'll have money for those, and (like everybody else) I NEED Cyborg Superman.

  2. Chris

    a few ppl who bought wave 5 from toybubz have received their tracking #'s! Cool!

    Got my tracking as well!

  3. Poe

    I'll very gladly eat my invisible intangible hat, but only if the wave 6 figures are in my apartment by December 31…

  4. Funbuns

    New Ask Matty Q&A up on fwoosh, #3 is on shipments:

    3. Do you have an update for the shipping times for announced DCUC product?

    Series 2 with Jason Firestorm- Nov 2008

    Series 5- Nov 2008

    Series 6- Late Dec 2008

    Toys R Us two packs- Oct 2008

    Series 7- Feb 2009

    Will Poe eat his invisible intangible hat? He could still be right on when we'll actually SEE them, though.


  5. Chris

    I'll let u guys know. Ordered a set.

    I think it's more like a preorder. Took a risk because driving to walmart everyday is HELL. I don't think they have them in stock. They could just be waiting for shipments and sending it out as they get set "in hand".

  6. Matthew K

    I think you are spot on with those picks, but I would really love it if 6 could hit sooner. At least by January.

  7. Poe

    Chris–this guy says that site is a scam:


  8. Chris


    wave 5 walmart series in stock….true or scam???

  9. SWEET… i needs me Harley Quinn and Aquaman, but I want classic Firestorm!

  10. eric

    I hope your predictions are wrong bout wave 6. I,myself,wouldn't mind them coming out in Dec.

  11. Tom-Tom

    That's because it was hard to find, and they haven't shipped the Modern Firestorm yet.

  12. Rustin Parr

    i can provide a tangible, visible hat for your consumption, if thats the concern…

  13. And wait wait wait… the Gorilla Grodd wave is being shipped out again?

  14. Janurary 15th…

    Man thats 2 months from now!

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