DCUC5 reviews

My reviews of DCUC5 will be going up on OAFE over the course of the week. Watch this post for updates with links to the reviews every day.


News round-up, 12/8/08


Mock-up of what 2002-style MOTUC He-Man might look like


  1. JPL

    Great reviews so far, Poe. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them during the week.

    I’m glad they went with the business suit for the Riddler. It is a much better look for the character. However, the suit was used prior to the animated series in the 90s. It actually first appeared during the days of the Adam West series. Frank Gorshin did wear the traditional spandex jumpsuit, but during the same episodes would also wear the bowler and business suit in some scenes. Just search Google and you should be able to find an image of it. As far as I know, the question mark suit didn’t appear in the comics prior this. It might be one of those moments where television influenced the comics. Kinda like how Mr. Freeze was given a better origin in the comics after the “Heart of Ice” episode of B:TAS aired.

  2. Poe

    @JPL: I suspected the suit had shown up prior to the animated series, which is why I added the qualifier "largely" there–it wasn't until after the animated series that the suit became the Riddler's usual outfit in the comics.

  3. The Men’s Wearhouse line was classic.

    Ya know, I LOVED the Toybiz Riddler. That figure is SERIOUSLY underrated. I think people are too blinded by their Super Powers love to see that Toybiz’s DC line had some good stuff in it. The Riddler being the crowning achievement. I still have the figure!

  4. Chuck20

    riddler has a new cut at the back of his neck that gives him additional movement.

  5. so i can read about what i'll never have… well, at least i can read about it i guess. even though someone claims to have riddlers clogging his shelves, he won't help a little peon like me. oh well… no need to get all emo over it. i mean, why would someone with a toy site ever want to help out someone whose been a loyal reader for almost five years. i guess people just like to get off on being witholding. well, remember, he's two per case, so if there's one DC figure you will see, it's him… which is fine if your Wal-Marts even CARRY the fooing line!

    otherwise great review as always… i like the (FOUR HORSE)Men's Wearhouse line! 😉

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