News round-up, 12/1/08

Merry Christmas-time, everyone! Or happy holidays, if you are of a non-Christmas-celebrating persuasion. Or happy secular time of celebration, good will and consumerism for you atheists.

You’ve no doubt noticed we’ve made a few little design changes to the site. Hope you like it! I want to thank webmaster OB1 for his tireless work on the site. Let us know if there’s anything you particularly like or don’t like–PGPoA is a continuing work-in-progress.

And now on to your regularly scheduled news…

  • Add comic book writer Gail Simone to the list of people who have had dust-ups with Shocker Toys. Somehow the topic came up at Simone’s creator forum at Comic Book Resources, Shocker Toys responded and the situation escalated from there. (via RTM)
  • Can anyone explain this Shortpacked to me? Wait–never mind, Willis did it himself. (Toynewsi)
  • The Marvel Legends Nemesis wave pops up overseas. Is a new avatar for OAFE‘s yo go re in the cards? (Action-Figure)
  • MOTUC He-Man and Beast Man go on sale at 12 p.m. EST today on I’m hoping to have another post about this topic up later today.
  • Hisstank has in-hand photos of the G.I. Joe: Resolute Duke, Cobra Commander, Cobra Trooper and Blowtorch figures.


Toys R Us DC Universe exclusives available on website


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  1. I just might wait until someone has a figure in hand before I buy my picks.

  2. Shocker

    And that was my point!

  3. Haha… DRAMA-MAMA!!!

    Guess what, I don't care!

  4. Shocker

    Do you have proof of us being shady?

  5. * I'm not sure what the whole Shocker toys deal is, I spent a few minutes looking over the posts. From what I gather they're a shady company and don't do business with them.

    * Yay for MOTUC!

    * G.I. Joe: Resolute looks meh. I like the new Cobra Commander, he's got a great tailor, and Blowtorch looks great! Duke is just so-so. I guess he just doesn't look like a "Duke".


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