Ol’ Coal Eyes is Back!

This video was sent to me by Ed Lee, a PGPoA reader. It’s an extremely well-produced tribute to both Rankin-Bass Christmas specials and the Chairman of the Board himself.

Lee writes, “We work in the Boston area and did this at a local studio. It’s a video tribute to some of the old Rankin-Bass characters. We used a lot of the figures from the Playing Mantis line [and] created the band and singer from scratch and the song is an original recording.”


FROSTHEATH: An Evening at Christmas Town’s Hottest Nightclub from Peter A. Cancilla on Vimeo.


Merry Christmas from the Ghostals!


Updates in progress…


  1. MummaGhostal

    That was excellent!! Made me smile through the whole thing…doesn't hurt that Mack the Knife is one of my very favorite songs!

    Hope to see another one!

  2. dwaltrip

    WOW, that was impressive. Very well done. Thanks for the link Poe.

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