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News round-up, 12/12/08


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  1. Poe

    Prince Adam had better have a pink version of the Power Sword, too…

  2. If Mattel is going to spend the money for a unique figure, then why only make it available to fewer people? Thats just dumb.

    Its going to be inevitable that certain characters will arise that they won't be able to 100% re-use existing molds. Take Trap-Jaw for instance.

    You can gaurantee we'll see a Prince Adam. (And if we don't get him with Purple leggings, a white torso, and a felt magenta jacket, I will be very upset.

    They can re-use the same torso for Whiplash and Buzz-Off, so those I'm sure will be front runners.

    Moss-Man should be a shoe-in, since they already have Beast Man, they just need to flock him.

    Finally, Stinkor is easy too since they already have done Mer-Man, so thats an easy re-paint.

    If they're smart they'll vary it up. So one month they could do an inexpensive character they can create from existing molds, and the next month a character that requires something specific.

    Then again, they're using the same bucks for 99% of the characters anyways, so they just need to come up with the unique pieces (Mekaneck's neck, Whiplash's tail, Trap Jaw's cannon arm.)

  3. orionpax636

    With an unlimited budget, I'd postulate retractable rubber spikes. However, being that MOTUC is going to be a cost-effective line that re-uses bodies for some time, I'd say Poe's solution is the ONLY way it would happen anytime soon.

    Thinking about it now though, it's easy to see why Spikor keeps getting pushed back. I could see him as a Con-exclusive, using the base body with a "spike suit" of some kind. I might be down with that.

  4. Poe

    I wonder how they could do the spikes, though? They'd look kind of lame if they were as dull-tipped as the ones on the original figure.

    But if they were sharply-pointed, but made from the hard plastic the other MOTUC figures are made from, it would be like trying to play with an action figure of a cactus.

    I think the best solution would be to make rubbery spikes, a la the original figure, but make them pointier. However, I'm not sure I see Mattel spending the money for that, unless it was a convention exclusive.

  5. orionpax636

    Spikor needs MOTUC treatment. NOW.

  6. I'm lucky my family has lived in the same house since I was born, and my mom is a pack rat, so she never threw out any of my old toys.

    Spikor was a great one. I don't remember getting him, but I remember one great Christmas when I got Randor, Sorceress, and a bunch of other MOTU figures.

  7. Poe

    I still have my original Spikor too…I think he and Whiplash were the only ones to survive three family moves and decades of other interests. Funny.

  8. Mark

    Great pic. Spikor is one of my favourite MOTU figures, really hoping for a classics figure of him. I still remember getting my Spikor. I got him in warehouse/ cash and carry that sold tools and hardware, but also sold toys and other items. I wanted He-Man but they didn't have any, but the man who ran the shop knows my parents, and he brought out of the store room a huge box of all their MOTU figures….no He-Man but I found Spikor. Still have him.

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